What is asbestos? Asbestos is a mineral that is naturally present in the environment at a very low and safe level. Because of the heat-retardant and friction-resistant properties of asbestos, various companies began in the 1930s to use it in thousands of products and applications across the United States and around the world. The asbestos in these products is found in concentration that is many times higher than the natural environmental level of asbestos, and that has caused problems.

The Asbestos Epidemic

The aforementioned highly concentrated levels of asbestos can give humans cancer and other serious diseases. It was a widespread, terrible mistake of great duration to use so much asbestos in so many places, and in so many ways that it ultimately ended up adversely affecting so many people, as we have come to learn through learning to more and more asbestos information.

An “asbestos cancer epidemic” has occurred in America, with an estimated 1.3 million workers directly affected by extreme asbestos exposure on their jobs, and millions more people subjected to toxic levels of asbestos in their homes, workplaces, schools, and other buildings. Each year, roughly 10,000 individuals die from asbestos cancer diseases in the U.S.

Restrictions on Asbestos: Not Until the 1970s

When was asbestos banned? The Clean Air Act of 1970 finally put some brakes on the uses of asbestos. Nowadays, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulate asbestos, but these restrictions have come too late for the people who have contracted an asbestos cancer or other disease because of their exposure to asbestos years ago, long before we knew the facts about asbestos that prove its causal relation to many diseases.

There is a long latency period for asbestos cancer diseases, and the epidemic of asbestos cancer diagnoses in recent years is based in large part on asbestos exposure that took place in the 1940s through 1960s. Today, many innocent victims of asbestos cancer are being diagnosed with:

  • Lung cancer (usually small-cell or non-small-cell)
  • Cancer of other organs
  • Mesothelioma cancer (a rare cancer that attacks the tissue lining of the chest/abdomen)
  • Asbestosis
  • Other respiratory diseases

What is asbestos cancer or other asbestos disease? Simply put, it is any cancer or disease where asbestos is a causative factor.

Asbestos Lawsuits

Thousands of asbestos cancer victims have initiated asbestos lawsuits in an effort to hold the makers and distributors of asbestos products responsible for the damages they have wreaked. It has been proven that several large asbestos corporations knew of the dangers of their products, but chose to put their profits before the safety of human beings – workers and others who were poisoned by asbestos. Many people were exposed to asbestos without knowing it, and if the answer to the question when was asbestos used? Includes your younger years; you may have been exposed at work or at school. When was asbestos banned? Unfortunately, not soon enough for many people. Fortunately, there are legal options for those who are suffering a problem related to asbestos exposure. Many a lawyer has helped victims of asbestos exposure receive financial compensation for their illness. The right attorney, in fact, has helped many people secure funds for treatment.

Asbestos Cancer Assistance

If you or your family member has been diagnosed with an asbestos cancer disease or are seeking treatment for one, it’s in your best interest to learn all that you can about your options and rights. Please feel free to contact mesothelioma treatment centers for more information about asbestos legal solutions or to find out about the resources available to you.

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