Louisiana Mesothelioma Treatment CentersResidents of Louisiana who have been exposed to asbestos are encouraged to seek routine health check ups for the prevention and early diagnosis of possible asbestos-related diseases, such as asbestosis and mesothelioma cancer. These diseases often lie dormant following asbestos exposure for years or even decades. Those who have developed symptoms or are otherwise concerned about these health issues are encouraged to contact a Louisiana mesothelioma treatment center.

Louisiana and Asbestos Exposure

Louisiana is home to several commercial operations that have used asbestos containing products over the last century and a half. Because of Louisiana’s geographical position in related to the Gulf Coast’s major waterways, maritime industries have flourished in our state. Shipbuilding and marine repair facilities, including Avondale, Bollinger, and Higgins, have used asbestos extensively for its insulating, sound proofing, and fireproofing qualities. Similarly, oil drilling, oil refining, cement plants, and power plant operations have used this dangerous material in numerous and diverse applications.

Louisiana: Mesothelioma and Other Asbestos Diseases

Sadly, asbestos related diseases have killed hundreds of Louisiana residents. In fact, over 700 deaths due to mesothelioma cancer and asbestosis were recorded between 1980 and 2000 in our state. While many of these deaths were not avoidable, since mesothelioma is often deadly, the causes of these diseases were preventable in many cases.

If you were wrongly, or unknowingly, exposed to asbestos and have been diagnosed with mesothelioma or another asbestos-caused illness, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact the Mesothelioma Treatment Centers to learn more about your rights.

Louisiana Mesothelioma Treatment Centers

Ochsner Cancer Institute at Ochsner Clinic Foundation
Community Clinical Oncology Program
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Mesothelioma Treatment Section
Carl G. Kardinal, MD
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